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New Beginning and New Journey | Celebrating a Successful Listing of RENDU BIO

On March 30, 2022, SHANGHAI RENDU BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. (RENDU BIO for short, Stock Code: 688193) was officially listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, marking an important milestone in the 15 years since its establishment in China. The "first RNA diagnostic Enterprise" in China has reached an important milestone in its 15th year.

Mr. Ju Jinliang, Chairman of RENDU BIO, first of all, expressed his sincere thanks to the government departments at all levels, people from all walks of life, customers and investors who attended the online listing ceremony. He said that in recent years, China's molecular diagnostics industry has developed rapidly in the variety of test products and the capacious market prospects.

RENDU BIO has always focused on innovation in R&D technology, and insists on technology as the primary driver of development. The hepatitis B virus nucleic acid assay kit (RNA capture probe method) was registered by NMPA in March 2021. It is the world's first novel marker product listed in the field of hepatitis B precision diagnosis and treatment, which effectively makes up for the shortage of existing hepatitis B clinical diagnosis and treatment indicators. The company is committed to becoming a leading manufacturer and supplier of molecular diagnostic products in the world.

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