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Public Action Against Hepatitis - HBV RNA Helps Precision Diagnosis and Treatment

July 28th, 2022 is the 12th World Hepatitis Day as designated by the World Health Organization. This year's publicity theme is "Prevention and treatment of hepatitis, health of you and me", calling on people to actively prevent hepatitis, active detection, standard treatment, highlighting the key measures of "prevention" and "treatment", and hoping to comprehensively curb the threat of viral hepatitis to human health, in order to achieve the major goal of "elimination of hepatitis B by 2030" from WHO. 

On this year's World Liver Day, RENDU BIOTECHNOLOGY actively responded to and participated in the free diagnosis activities of more than a dozen medical institutions in Xiamen, Kunming and other places. RENDU BIOTECHNOLOGY provided hospitals with high-sensitivity quantitative HBV RNA detection reagents, and patients could enjoy free testing of the latest hepatitis B indicators, helping doctors to more accurately diagnose patients' conditions. Let more people realize the harm of hepatitis, pay attention to it, actively participate in the action of loving liver and protecting liver, and standardizing treatment.


Photos of hepatitis Day in medical institutions:

On-site blood sampling for HBV RNA detection:

In order to further realize the "healthy Chinese Dream", Rendu people have been on the road. In 2021, RENDU BIOTECHNOLOGY was approved as the world's first commercially launching high-sensitivity assay for clinical HBV RNA detection and was included in the latest expert consensus. Serum HBV RNA can feedback the transcriptional activity of cccDNA, which can be used to monitor efficacy, predict the risk of relapse after drug withdrawal, and predict the efficacy of interferon in early stage. HBV RNA is closely related to the occurrence of HCC. It will contribute to the goal of eliminating hepatitis B in China in predicting liver cancer in high-risk patients, monitoring the efficacy of the whole course of disease, predicting the efficacy of antiviral response, and evaluating the efficacy of new hepatitis B drugs. HBV RNA Assay from RENDU BIOTECHNOLOGY uses direct quantification (SAT) technology, without DNase treatment, no loss of RNA, higher sensitivity, automatic detection, good repeatability, which is a more suitable method for HBV RNA detection.

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